Luxury Newport Condos – Price Bump? Not Really…

We’ve got several fab, fab, fab condos for sale in Newport – with everything you’ve ever dreamed about – water views, lots of space, close to beaches – and they’re available for, well, some pretty good numbers.  Here’s a little info on the top quartile or higest priced condos in Newport illustrating the market forces at work here. Prices are up a little, but price per square foot is trending steadily down. Translation: more space, less $$. If you’re a buyer, this is just a little more evidence that the wind is REALLY at your back right now on the luxury condo scene. Life is short; markets are hard to time; you can’t buy happiness, but you can make a place and invite it in!

Note: This blog post will get old, but the chart will update weekly, so check back for the sequel!

Real Estate Market Chart by Altos Research www.altosresearch.com