My New iPad – A Teenager Upgrade

Last fall, after my college-bound daughter absconded with my laptop, I looked for an economical replacement and settled on an iPad.  At first, I found it limiting compared to my souped up PowerBook. Over the holidays, however, I became one with my new device, and it has dramatically changed and improved the way I get information. I now receive virtually all my news online; I am reading more than I have in years, and I am learning things at a pace that… well… It’s exhilarating. Really.

I described this epiphany to John Abell, an intrepid early adopter from Portsmouth who runs a local Apple users’ group. He was delighted to have another convert, and I was only mildly deflated when he announced he now had over 600 apps! I find this astonishing especially because John – a benevolent gear head if ever there was one – is on the north side of 70. A good number of his users’ group members (including my dad who, at 82, is no slouch when it comes to his “computa”) are also well into their golden years.

According to the Pew Research Center, the Internet is now the main domestic and international news source for 65% of 18 – 29 year olds, 49% of 30-59 year olds, 31% of 51-64 year olds and 14% of the 64+ crowd.

It seems to me a seismic shift in these user statistics is happening on Aquidneck Island. Last night at a meeting of my investment group all but one of us women-of-a-certain-age arrived with a shiny new tablet.

John Lennon was right. The Revolution will not be televised.