My new Housemate for the Week

This week I’ve been granted the amazing responsibility of watching my brother’s dog Finn while he and his family visit Arizona.  He’s a 6 month old Short Haired Wheaton Terrier.  I love dogs but I’ve never had the pleasure of owning one.  This week will be a nice trial to see if I could handle the responsibility and hopefully get one of my own!

Newport is a great city for dog lovers.  There are parks at nearly every corner, the Cliff Walk, downtown streets and beaches galore to entertain both you and your pup.  Many establishments in town have outdoor areas allowing you to enjoy everything Newport has to offer with your companion.  Just this past Sunday I had breakfast at Corner Café on Broadway with a friend.  Finn and I walked there from my house in the 5th Ward, tiring him out just enough to let me eat in peace!  The staff there was nice enough to bring a dog bowl out with water to keep him occupied.  The rest of our Sunday consisted of walking back home down Thames stopping at a few places and seeing a few friends.  By the time we got home Finn was out like a light.  Overall it was a classically great Sunday in Newport with my new friend.

When it comes to your home search there are several condominiums for sale in town that are open to pets, but renting with a pet can prove to be difficult.  A single family just outside of the downtown area would be perfect for a pet owner.  Homes within walking distance to town or to the beach while not being right downtown will allow ample yard space.  The 5th Ward and Annandale Ave neighborhoods are great areas for this.

When the weather is beautiful here in town everyone is out and it’s a great chance to walk around, and if you’re a dog lover, there’s no better place than Newport.