Tips from an Insider: Secret Waterfront Havens in Newport RI

The intricate ins and outs of Newport’s streets are typically explored by those who have exhausted the main street attractions. Once you are numb to the typical sights you begin to crave more, and Newport has much much more to see. In grade school my friends and I wandered around town looking for things to do. In doing so we discovered many hidden spots with amazing views of Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island Sound and the Atlantic Ocean. I now love taking friends to these spots to show them Newport’s beauty the way I grew up seeing it. These are my top spots in Newport RI to enjoy the waterfront:

The Point: The Point is at the end of the downtown area just before the bridge to Goat Island. This historic part of Newport right by the Newport Bridge has lovely parks great for looking out over the water, especially at night when the bridge is lit up.

Aquidneck Lobster Co.- Bowen’s Wharf: This large, run down fish market is a cover for one of my favorite spots to enjoy Narragansett Bay. Walk through the barrels of live fish to the back. You’ll pass a few small shops before reaching the deck where you can look over the water and watch the boats for miles. On your way out you can grab something for dinner- they have great seafood!

The Coffee Grinder- Bannister’s Wharf: Not far from the fish market is Bannister’s Wharf, a small area full of activity among the bars and restaurants. At the end of the wharf is a small coffee shop that sits between the boating docks. When there aren’t any large boats docked here (they were once visited by one of the Tall Ships!) this is another quiet spot to watch the sun set over the bay as you wait for your coffee. 

Cliff Walk: Everyone knows Cliff Walk is gorgeous. All five miles of the walk are covered in beautiful views. Often after one or two miles people diverge off and on to Ruggles or Narragansett Avenue. More breathtaking views are beyond this point. As you walk closer to the ocean the sounds of the waves crashing against the rocks, the sandy dunes and the beautiful mansions make the walk very well worth it. The Chinese Tea House is also at the end of the walk, where William Vanderbuilt’s wife, Alva, held women’s suffrage rallies in the 1880’s. This beautifully constructed teahouse by the sea is one of my favorite places to visit in Newport.

I’m happy to share these secret spots, so show off what you know when taking friends around town and visit a few of them. Have your own favorite spot? Share it below!