Buying to Flip: A Few Things to Know for a DIY Project



Here’s a happy house-flipping story to start your weekend off right. 

Fixer-uppers are not for everyone, but this little gem in Middletown is a Cinderella story worth sharing:

It started with a closing on a sad little house in need of major TLC. It ended 2 months later with a 7-day listing, a full price offer and an exhausted, but happy Seller.

Time and Effort are the life blood of flips. They must look brand new. When they do, people buy them. It’s that simple. If you plan to do it yourself, get ready for some aches and pains. If you do it right, however, the rewards can be great.

Location is key for a successful flip. This one was on the Middletown Newport line near parks, restaurants and coffee shops. Once the location checked out, we calculated the cost of the work. After running the numbers we knew it could work for our Buyer, a serial do it your selfer who had the skills to do much of the work himself.


So the moral of the story is if you’re not afraid of REALLY hard work, you have a knowledgeable agent to help you buy at the right price AND sell at the right price, you could have a happy ending too!

Call us anytime. We’re good at this. Really.