My view from the other side of the closing table


I am proud to announce I’m officially a homeowner. Finally!  I’ve been practicing real estate for nearly four years with the goal of purchasing my own
little slice of island paradise.  It was quite the experience for me to sit at the other end of the closing table; to sign that stack of papers, and feel what dozens of my buyers have undergone.  Here’s a bit about my experience:

 The Right Realtor

 I found the best realtor in town for me.  That was, of course, me, because I understand my needs and wants.  I wanted a multi family – 2 or 3 units, but at times I considered a single family I could turn around myself.  It can often be good to view products outside of your original needs and wants. This helped me realize my original decision for a two family was the right one. I decided on a 2 family off of Memorial Blvd “in need of some TLC” that came on the market a week prior.  When my father viewed the property, his constant chuckling confirmed the amount of work that truly needed to be done. 

 The Right Mortgage Broker

 Working with my mortgage broker was easier for me, as I know what to expect, however, witnessing the volume of paperwork actually required showed me how daunting an experience it could be for my buyers.  I’ve prepped my buyers in the past for the volumes of paperwork, but now I knew first hand what they have been going through.  

 The Aftermath

 The most overwhelming aspect of the experience was the feeling. A feeling deep in my gut that “this is actually happening!” It truly dawned on me the responsibility I was taking on, the amount of work needed, and the years of obligation ahead. 

 It was nerve racking!

 That night a friend of mine said it best; “That feeling? That means you’re making moves. Big Moves. Good work.” 

 I now understand the emotion and stress behind a first purchase.  It’s a big deal. It’s without question the largest, most important purchase of your life and now I can say “I’ve been there.” If you’re ready to “make moves” yourself, call me.