Tiverton Basin RI – Life on the Edge

The Art of the Waterfront RI Home

Let’s be honest. Selling beautiful waterfront homes in RI is the best assignment going for local real estate agents, but working for an engaging seller who is also a talented photographer and writer?  Well, that’s as good as it gets in my profession!

Here is the latest installment from Nancy Driggs, the eloquent owner of 1601 Main Rd., in Tiverton – an exceptional property in a beautiful place now for sale by Hogan Associates.

“It’s that time of year again ‘living on the edge’ of Tiverton Basin.   Moorings, bobbing vacant all winter, are now filled. The early morning light gradually climbs down the houses across the Basin and slowly and severally down the masts of the sailboats at bay.  The living room French doors, open to the deck by day and night, create a sense of union between outside and inside, and allow the southwest breezes to become part of the life in the house.  The sunsets splash the late day skies with streaks of reds, oranges, purples, and as night advances,  all up and down the other houses “on the edge” can be seen deck lanterns and candle lights, and can be heard the laughter and conversational banter of others enjoying the evening and all it offers.  The lights of Standish Boat Yard to the south, and Pirate’s Cove to the west, are constant reminders of the life, energy, and sense of Tiverton Basin.