Tips for Homeowners preparing for the Blizzard

With the blizzard of 2015 coming to New England, many homeowners are in full panic mode.  First word of advice: STAY CALM. Now that we’ve made it past that one, here’s some tips to weather through the storm (Sorry for the bad pun everybody… Couldn’t help myself) 

Be Prepared: The Boy Scout motto: “Always be prepared”. During a situation like a blizzard, home owners should be practicing this motto as well.

  • Stock up on Flashlights, candles, batteries: the biggest hurdle in a pending storm isn’t just the snow; it’s the potential for a power outage.
  • Have food you can eat without cooking if you don’t have a gas stove. 
  • Bottled is water is always a good idea.
  • If you have pets make sure they have a few days worth of food
  • Board games, especially if you have kids, will keep people occupied and keep their minds off of the storm around them

Accessibility: Have shovels, flashlights, generators, power cords and everything else you’ll need within easy reach.  Keeping everything in the basement or outside in the garage may prove to be extra difficult to reach if there’s a 10’ snowdrift.

Fight Against Frozen Pipes: Frozen pipes are every homeowner’s nightmare when these storms hit. Be prepared! 

  • If your generator isn’t directly hooked up to your boiler be sure to have space heaters available. 
  • Turn up your heat a little higher than normal to get your home’s “bones” warm. If your walls and insulation is heated up, it could help keep your house and pipes warmer for that much longer. 
  • Drop blankets at drafty doors and windows, cover windows with plastic and in some older homes, open kitchen cabinets that pipes run through to keep them at room temperature.
  • Only open doors when absolutely necessary to not let heat out.

Note to Landlords: It may be prudent to supply your tenants with some supplies so they can stay safe and warm in your homes. If they’re warm, so is your home. Door sleeves, plastic for windows and a flashlight are some items you can offer. Also consider supplying them with shovels, just in case you’re landlocked and can’t visit the property yourself. If your tenants are taken care of, they’ll take care of your home and appreciate your help for months to come when the rent is due!

In short, be prepared, stay warm and good luck out there! Try to enjoy your snow day and be safe!