Newport Luxury Home Architectural Styles

  Newport, RI, has undergone many transformations since its founding in 1639. From an early-American port city to a playground for the Gilded Age’s richest families, Newport has become a dream destination for many.    While many know Newport for its grand Renaissance-style mansions with their symmetrical sides and arched or domed entrances, Newport is […]


This unassuming abode in the Van Zandt neighborhood of Newport is a labyrinth of rooms and hallways. Exuding a serpentine vibe into Newport’s past, it winds up, down and around four bedrooms and 5,727 square feet. Multiple renovations and additions during the past century have created this sprawling multi-family home, now with wonderful potential for […]

Mackerel Cove- Jamestown’s Hidden Gem

The Simple Life Life in Jamestown is rejuvenating, and refreshing, as well as a fantastic destination at any time of year. Being an island, Jamestown is surrounded by water on all sides and has a number of beaches and coves. Mackerel Cove, also known as Jamestown’s town beach, connects the two pieces of land that make […]

Tiverton Basin RI – Life on the Edge

The Art of the Waterfront RI Home Let’s be honest. Selling beautiful waterfront homes in RI is the best assignment going for local real estate agents, but working for an engaging seller who is also a talented photographer and writer?  Well, that’s as good as it gets in my profession! Here is the latest installment […]