How to Prepare a Real New England Clambake

One of the best ways to enjoy Rhode Island is through its cuisine. Local favorites include fried calamari (the official state appetizer!), stuffies (also known as stuffed quahogs), and clam chowder (New England  or Rhode Island style? The debate rages on.). But for a truly unique Rhode Island experience, you’ll need to try a classic […]

Mackerel Cove- Jamestown’s Hidden Gem

The Simple Life Life in Jamestown is rejuvenating, and refreshing, as well as a fantastic destination at any time of year. Being an island, Jamestown is surrounded by water on all sides and has a number of beaches and coves. Mackerel Cove, also known as Jamestown’s town beach, connects the two pieces of land that make […]

Leverage the Pinterest Craze for Your Newport Home

Interested in buying, selling or redecorating a house in RI? Check out Pinterest, a site filled with ideas, photos and inspiration to spruce up any home! In March of 2010, one of the largest picture sharing platforms was launched. Founded by Paul Sciarra, Evan Sharp and Ben Silbermann, Pinterest now employs over 500 people nationwide. […]

Top 7 Activities for Kid-Friendly Rhode Island Visits

Growing up on Aquidneck Island is a experience like no other. This is a snapshot of some of the favorite places and activities that children know and love after being raised in the ocean state.   1.) Sachuest Town Beach: If you want great waves and good food, Sachuest Beach is the place to go. Known […]

Tiverton Basin RI – Life on the Edge

The Art of the Waterfront RI Home Let’s be honest. Selling beautiful waterfront homes in RI is the best assignment going for local real estate agents, but working for an engaging seller who is also a talented photographer and writer?  Well, that’s as good as it gets in my profession! Here is the latest installment […]