Newport, RI’s Historic Plaque Homes for Sale

Historic Homes: Newport, RI’s Living Legacy

Historic Newport RI Homes are one of the many desirable attributes of the City by the Sea.  In fact, Newport offers one of the largest concentrations of Colonial homes in the nation.  If you are charmed by Colonial character and are thinking of purchasing a historic home, then don’t miss the 17th Century historic John Bliss House, c. 1680.

John Bliss House for Sale, c. 1680

This antique Newport home is for sale.  Built by Quakers, the John Bliss House was a working farm sitting high on a hill with pastoral views to the Ocean. The John Bliss House is possibly the oldest continuous residence in Newport today. The property offers a perfect balance between historic ambience and modern living with a rich interior including two 8’ stone fireplaces which characterize the Stone End building style. The Stone End Foundation is native only to RI, and this home is one of  only a dozen remaining in the state.  The Stone Ender foundation faced North to protect and insulate the structure during harsh New England winters.  Remaining today are the exposed beams, wood sub floor ceiling, wide pine board floors, winding staircase, and exposed rafters. 

A 21st Century Antique Home

The preservation in the John Bliss House is magical and it works well with the modern comforts of this house from granite kitchen counters and stainless appliances to all gas utilities.  The exterior yard space is a large by Newport standards. There are two treed lots, two stone patios, one covered by a shading pergola that overlooks a lush yard with fruit trees and of course the stone end foundation with the exposed bump of the beehive baking- oven.  This home sits in a central neighborhood location just 1 mile from the storefronts of downtown, and the famous Cliff Walk.  Easy access to the main roads heading to points North, or the bridges to the West.

House Plaques, Newport, RI

Did you know the custom of placing plaques on historic homes started in the mid 1960’s when Newport’s grassroots conservation movement took off in neighborhoods like The Point and Historic Hill? The Newport Historical Society offers a House History Program that helps identify properties’ roots.  House names and plaques are commemorative and often based on the owner’s research.  John Bliss was the original owner of the John Bliss House.  He was also the husband of the Governor’s wife and a Weapon’s Census Collector. Wouldn’t you like to be a guest at their dinner table?

RI offers a wide selection of historic homes for sale.  Call for expert help and direction in finding your dream property.

Holly McLear is a seasoned Realtor and resident of Newport RI who has personally restored two 19th century residential properties in Newport and Middletown.