A Little Bit About Little Compton

Little Compton: A brief intro

Little Compton is located at the southeastern tip of Rhode Island between the Sakonnet River and the Massachusetts state boundary line. 

It is the second smallest town in the smallest state! 

Little Compton is the ideal place to live if one wishes to experience that small town life style and rural tranquility. There is an increase in population as the summer draws near and many families have been summering here for generations. In fact many of the residents have ancestors dating centuries back. Driving through the back country roads there are many farms and stone walls surrounding vast open fields. A view of the Sakonnet River follows your travel along Main Road.

There are several seasonal farm stands in which to purchase and enjoy local produce, baked goods, eggs and the fresh catch of the day. The center of town, known as The Commons, has several restaurants, a general store, the library, several churches, cafes and shops. The public school, Wilbur & McMahon is for grades K-8 and located here as well. The students in 9-12 attend Portsmouth High School or one of the several 

private High Schools in RI and near by Massachusetts. Traveling further through the town one heads out to the shore line where thereare several public and private beaches to spend long summer days. There is also the Sakonnet Golf Course and the Sakonnet Yacht Club. The town is 21.5 square miles with 14.5 miles of coastline. As of the current Census the population is 3,593 with approximately 2284 households.

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The website for more information is www.little-compton.com.