Aquidneck Beach; Middletown’s New Town Center and What You Need to Know.

The stretch of Aquidneck Ave between the YMCA and 1st Beach has always been busy with traffic, beach goers, commuters and everything in between.  Have you drive by lately?  There is some serious development going up left and right. What’s happening to cause this boom?

After decades of development, the area is now a vacation destination with restaurants, hotels, bars, shopping and more. Road improvements are coming including rotaries to improve traffic flow and pedestrian safety. Future plans include possible parks, public parking, sidewalks and lighting. Aquidneck Ave South is coming of age.

The momentum accelerated a few years ago when The Atlantic Beach Club sold to the owners of uber luxury wedding venue, Belle Mer. Subsequently, The Atlantic Beach Club became another high-end sea side wedding venue.  Massive development followed with a new Cumberland Farms, renovation of the Sea Breeze Hotel, and the completion of The Atlantic Resort, a full-service hotel and conference center on top of the hill. There’s even talk of another hotel where KJ’s stands currently, New businesses are coming in, more people are discovering the location and everyone is enjoying the scene.

Among the highlights is 62 Wave Ave – a new mixed use building with 2,100 SF of flexible space and 4 residential units. This exciting new building offers endless opportunities for new businesses. Ice cream shops, hair salons, apparel retailers, adventure consultants or professional offices would coexist beautifully here. The visibility from Aquidneck Ave will draw attention down Wave Ave, expanding the dimensions of this exciting new hub. Early adopters will surely reap rewards as the area continues to expand.

The expansion and inclusion of Wave Ave into the development of Aquidneck Ave will transform the area into more than just a single strip, but an actual town center and destination.

The mixed use development offers more than 2,100SF of street side retail for roughly $25/SF. Big bay windows, excellent signage and incredible traffic make this an excellent location and opportunity for a new business, an established store looking to expand or a franchise looking for a Newport/Middletown location.

The Rhode Island Department of Transportation has also been working with the Town of Middletown in a complete redevelopment of the intersections on this stretch of Aquidneck Ave. These planned improvements include a rotary at the Valley Rd intersection, a park at the Newport Ave intersection, a reconfiguration of Briarwood/Crest Ave merge and at the Purgatory/Aquidneck Ave Merger. More information can be found in the Attache PDF here:

 RIDOT intersection improvements presentation

These improvements will change the face of the whole neighborhood and add a whole new draw to the area. The traffic speed will slow down but move more fluidly, the sidewalks will add to the pedestrian traffic and additional parks and green space will brighten the entire area to feel more welcoming.

The future is bright for this stretch of Aquidneck Ave. The real estate market in the surrounding neighborhoods is booming, development and improvements are springing up on every corner. If your business is looking for a new locale, this area might be the next big thing. If you’re considering investing in this location call me anytime.