Tips on Making Your Move Less Stressful

For many people, moving to a new home is an exciting new chapter. But whether you’re packing by yourself or with a team, the process of moving can seem a bit daunting. You can make it easier by following a few proven strategies. Here are some ways to lower stress during your next move: physically, mentally, and financially.

1. Making your Move Less Stressful: Physically

The comedian George Carlin observed that a house is “a place to keep your stuff while you go out and get more stuff.” One thing that causes moving to feel so stressful is the idea of transporting all of your “stuff” to another location.

Kidding aside, moving to a new home is an opportunity to downsize and eliminate some of the things that you don’t need, use, or wear anymore. Before you pack any boxes, start filtering through the items in your current home. You could apply the Marie Kondo method, (which is essentially discarding items that no longer spark joy), or follow your instincts (you know deep down that you’re never going to use that antique tea set again). Whichever approach you take, remind yourself that you can’t do it all in one day. 

Start early. Go through your books and bar glasses, clothing and cookware, drawers and documents. (Continue through the alphabet if that’s more fun!) Follow the decluttering rule of thumb: if you haven’t used it in three months, let it go.

Completing this step will lighten your load. There will be fewer valuables to bring to your new place, and you can start living with a clean slate. 

2. Making your Move Less Stressful: Mentally

Moving is considered one of life’s most emotionally draining events – even more than changing jobs, or sending kids to college. You can make this process less taxing by getting yourself organized.

Start a checklist of tasks that you need to complete for the upcoming move. (A quick search on the web for “moving checklist” results in lots of great resources.) Include a timeline of steps that need to be finished by specific dates. Jot down reminders to get the utilities turned off, stop the mail, and cancel your magazine subscriptions. Remember to also add dates for starting these services at your new place. Getting all of your “To-Do’s” on paper can make you feel empowered and more in control.

Create a folder where you can keep printouts of moving contracts, records of payments, and important phone numbers related to the big day. Also, start gathering items needed for the move itself, ie. empty boxes, permanent markers, packing tape, and box cutters.

Having all of these items within easy reach can save you precious time and eliminate frustration. This will help you save some mental energy for when you need it. 

3. Making your Move Less Stressful: Financially

Getting organized will give you a better idea of when to schedule a moving date and can even save you some money. You may be able to book your movers, painters, and housecleaners early and potentially avoid rush charges. This is especially important if you’re moving during peak season when other people are competing for the best rates on similar services.

After decluttering, there will be fewer boxes to carry. This equates to less moving time and consequently, lower fees to pay the movers. Since time is money, you’ll be saving yourself both. Spread out the tasks you need to complete so you can take breaks and actually enjoy the process of preparing for your life’s next chapter.

Welcome Home

With less stuff to pack, you’ll lessen the strain on your body, your mind, and your wallet. Then, after moving to your new place, the only thing left to do is to unpack your favorite wine glass, relax on your newly painted porch, and enjoy a different view.

And remember what George Carlin said: “That’s all you need in life, a little place for your stuff.”

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