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Our Pro Tips on Purchasing a Home in Today’s Competitive Market

      “What can I do to make my offer stand out when buying a home in a competitive market?” This is a question ...
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Rhode Island Homes

Simplifying Solar for Home Buyers

The Ocean State is one of the friendlier areas of the country for solar panels thanks to a bevy of state and local programs. Combined ...
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Property Sale

The Benefits of Purchasing a Multi-Family Property in Newport, RI 

Real estate investing in the Newport, Rhode Island area is currently seeing a significant boom with no sign of slowing down. Demand for multi-family properties ...
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Banks & Financing

Don’t Think You Can Pull-Off a 1031 Exchange in a Hot Market? Do a Reverse 1031 Exchange Instead.

  In this real estate market it is much easier to sell than buy, which makes it especially difficult to effectively do a 1031 exchange ...
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Tips for buying land
building a home

Buying Land & Building Your Dream Home

BUYING LAND & BUILDING A HOME Searching for land to buy? The promise of vacant land is incredibly alluring – a blank slate upon which ...
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Banks & Financing

Using a Margin Loan to Buy a Home

Single-family homes and condos in and around Newport, Rhode Island are selling quickly these days. Low interest rates and an exodus from big cities have ...
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